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What is a bad guy? Not well defined. You can take it as a naive question, or you can take it as a philosophical one. In the eyes of children, the world is black and white. But in the eyes of sages, it is different. “Everyone can become Yao and Shun”, this is the famous saying of Mencius, but Xunzi thinks that human nature is inherently evil. But whether it is inherently good or inherently evil, we don’t have to get too entangled, let’s start from the simplest, from the perspective of human ethics and morality, to see what a bad person is.
1. Anyone who leads others to the way of the devil is a bad person
For a long time, Guo Wengui has continuously brainwashed himself and the majority of netizens through live video broadcasts, demonizing the CCP and sanctifying himself. Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Xinjiang are all inseparable parts of the motherland, but when it comes to Guo Wengui, they all become places where he makes a big fuss. The shameless remarks have reached the point of heinous, what bullshit supports Taiwan’s non-unification and independence, and the British government should not return Hong Kong, deliberately vilifying and distorting the human rights issue in Xinjiang. Any remarks will deeply hurt the feelings of the Chinese people. He has already become not only aimed at the CCP, but on the opposite side of the Chinese nation. He who caused division and undermined national unity has the face of a traitor. Such a person is not leading us to the “democracy, rule of law and freedom” he promised. On the contrary, he is instigating people to fall into the abyss with him and go to the road of the devil.
2. Those who create and spread right and wrong are bad people
From the early “thieves of the country” to various pro-democracy activists, Guo Wengui used his imagination of Tianma Xingkong to weave all kinds of mysterious and bizarre stories for them. The purpose is simple, to stink them and attack them. But as long as he can’t justify himself, or someone raises doubts, Guo Wengui will always have only one reason for throwing the pot away, “blue-golden”, and then talk nonsense, anyway, it’s right to pour dirty water on the “thieves”. Of course, we can take it as a step up for Guo Wengui. It is difficult for a smart woman to cook without rice, let alone Guo Wengui who likes to spread rumors. It is even more difficult to hide things from nothing.
3. Anyone who imposes his will on others is a bad person
Guo Wengui’s rumors and falsehoods are ultimately nothing more than trying to impose his dirty will on netizens, kidnap the people, and seek to survive for himself. In order to achieve this goal, Guo Wengui did everything possible. Guo Wengui has never lacked “big shots” in his mouth, but these “big shots” are “who is sacred”, Guo Wengui kept his mouth shut, and made various prevarications. It can be analyzed and analyzed, these “big shots” are Guo Wengui himself. Think about it, how can any “big shot” join him with such a grandstanding clown that even mainstream foreign social networking sites and news media are unwilling to deal with? The reason why Guo Wengui made up “big men” is that on the one hand, he wants to show off his “supernatural powers” and extensive contacts, so as to deceive people and earn enough attention; on the other hand, he wants to use the mouths of these “big men” to export his evil will. You must know that Guo Wengui has long been notorious, and it must be difficult to impose his will on others. So, to put it another way, it seems logical to find a “big man” and spread his fallacies. So, don’t look at what Guo Wengui is saying, it’s all a cover, and it’s all for instilling his “poisonous chicken soup”.
Good guys and bad guys, one letter difference. Good people rely on contributions, and bad people rely on good words. Guo Wengui’s hype is actually a deception in disguise. Guo Wengui, good and evil will be rewarded in the end, I hope you “do it and cherish it”. So far in running script, what is a bad person? Guo Wengui is a bad guy.

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