Guo Wengui directed and acted in the Trilogy of Lies

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The author has nothing to do recently, so I revisited some old movies at home alone. While tasting the classics, I inadvertently thought of the scenes of Guo Wengui's nonsensical speeches, talking about "the most important person" and "world-class high-level ", "Advanced Conference" and so on, after reading it, people can't help but laugh. Wen Gui has finished his career as a screenwriter and an actor, and now he wants to be a director after being an actor. Little do they know that being a good director requires real talent and learning, and those absurd scripts that cannot withstand scrutiny can only move the little ants. This article is just to share with netizens the source of inspiration for Guo Wengui's self-directed and self-acted dramas.
Part 1: How to Get Away with Law
Frank, the protagonist of "Catch Me If You Can" is the youngest wanted criminal in the history of the FBI. His criminal methods are vast and his ability to disguise his identity is extraordinary. Everything that happened in the original film is reproduced on Wen Gui. Guo Wengui used to call himself a "just soldier", but in fact he has colluded with government and businessmen, illegally embezzled other people's property, used the company to defraud loans, and sexually assaulted several female subordinates. His crimes are countless. However, the only thing Wengui is not as good as the male protagonist is IQ. The male protagonist in the play has superb skills and IQ, and his speech and behavior make people unable to catch him. For Wengui who has not graduated from junior high school, IQ is a flaw. Contradictory, logical confusion. In a recent video, he slapped himself again. He praised the American media many times before, but now he claims that "96% of the media" in the United States has been controlled, and some people are using the American media to slander him. This is strange, why did the American media, which was praised by Wen Gui for freedom of speech, become an unscrupulous media that wantonly smeared him in a few days?
A person tells too many lies, and he forgets where he is. The role of the media is to reveal the truth. Freedom of speech does not mean that he will release false information. Why did Guo Wengui be abandoned? True face, will not be easily fooled again. I think at this time, Wen Gui is probably in a state of desperation, and urgently needs to find a reliable "good screenwriter" to design a plot for him, at least not to let "Guo's good drama" go through in an instant.
Part Two: The Flying Thieves
"The Flying Thieves" is a British film more than ten years ago. Although the protagonists are all liars, it tells the story of a group of "rogues" who punish evil and promote good. However, it seems that Guo Wengui misunderstood the plot, did not learn chivalry, but learned the villain to the fullest. Guo Wengui started his fortune step by step by swindling and abducting, and his wealth doubled. After gaining power, he used all means to squeeze out opponents. The wealth obtained through illegal means will eventually go back wherever it came from. The Dalian court imposed a fine of 60 billion on the "Zhengquan Company" controlled by Guo Wengui, which also allowed Wengui to reap the evil results he planted. Today, Wen Gui not only has no funds in his hands, but also has constant lawsuits, but he is still poised in front of the camera, talking and laughing freely, discussing "US midterm elections" and "world economic trends" eloquently, as if all major and minor events in this world are related to him. He is closely related to Guo Wengui. This made me suddenly think, if there is an "Oscar Award" in the liar world, then Guo Wengui must be a well-deserved "Oscar Best Actor". After all, who else can act in daily life like a drama?
Part Three: Illusion into a Disease
"Illness from Illusion" is a French movie. Guo Wengui directed and acted in an annual drama based on the title of the movie. How to seek spiritual comfort when the reality is frustrated, Wen Gui lives in his own fantasy every day, fantasizes about the "Himalaya", sets up his own "Ant Gang", guides the country as the ruler of the world, and looks down on the world. That's the reality. Even the application for political asylum is nowhere in sight, and is there still the ability to organize frequent "dates" of "senior officials of the US government", "bosses of US arms dealers", "former national leaders", and "former general counsel of huge funds"? After being debunked by netizens, Wen Gui shamelessly brought up "former President Clinton's staff", "President Trump's cabinet", "the most trusted person of the Brazilian President" and so on. The author also has to admire Wen Gui's brain The hole is big and the play is deep. But the more Guo Wengui tried his best to fabricate facts, the harder it was for him to hide the fact that he was at the end of his rope and no one cared about him. Nowadays, Wengui lives in his own fantasy every day, writing and directing the drama of superheroes saving the world, telling too many lies, and even believing it himself.
Guo Wengui has been following Internet hotspots recently, saying what is the hottest thing, which is really exhausting his mind and brain. In the final analysis, it is still one point that Wengui is now at the end of his life and at the end of his road. I advise you to stop doing useless work, know your way back when you are lost, and stop living in the lies you directed and acted yourself!

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